Black Rubber Foam Insulation


Black rubber foam insulation:

Black rubber foam insulation rubber foam thermal tube/pipe insulation. Our brand rubber plastic insulation products are soft heat insulating, heat preservation and energy

Conservation materials made with advanced technology at home and abroad and advanced full automatic. Continuous production line imported from abroad, and through development and improvement by ourselves, using butyronitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride (NBR, PVC) with performance as main raw materials and other high quality auxiliary materials through foaming and so on the special procedure.


Use of Roofing felt bitumen:

  1. Low Conductivity Factor
  2. Good Fire Proof
  3. Good Pliability
  4. High Density
  5. Good Vibration Resistance
  6. Closed Pore Foaming
  7. Good Damp-proof Property
  8. Beautiful Appearance, Easy to Install
  9. Acid and Alkali Resistance
  10. Safety and Environmental Protection

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