Revo Bag Closer Sewing Machine


REVO bag closer sewing machine:

Revo┬« Bag Closer Sewing Machine – Twin Needle, Two Thread DAD. The DAD is a twin needle, double-thread, parallel chain-stitch, portable bag closing sewing machine. Its strong construction and design offers long-life reliable performance requiring minimum maintenance. This machine also features reinforced feed mechanism consisting of wider presser foot and feed dog with a bigger throat plate than conventional double chain-stitch bag closing machines for smoother, even and better looking plain and folded top closures. Revo┬« double thread bag-closing machine is ideal for bag closing applications requiring a two thread, safer closure. This machine is more versatile but just as dependable as a stationary bag closer. For the geo-textile industry, this machine offers a durable and tight stitch to meet required specifications. With its positive feeding of the material and durable construction, this machine is tougher, faster and packed with more power for performance and reliability. This machine is designed for speed and handling convenience to achieve as a result, quality bag closures at high production rate.

Use of REVO bag closer sewing machine:

DAD shares all the following features and benefits of DA bag closing machines and more:

  • Enhanced feed mechanism: Wide presser foot and feed dog with a bigger throat lead to a positive feed for smoother, even and better looking plain and folded top double chain-stitch closures.
  • Parallel chain stitch: Secures the bag with a parallel chain stitch closure.
  • Trouble-free continuous operation: Closes bags at ease on the bagging line or in the field.
  • Sturdy construction: Enables it to handle heaviest of workload in an industrial or agricultural environment.
  • Superior powerful lubricator: Lubrication system consists of an oil pump and a reservoir. Oil lines from the pump direct the lubricant to the main moving parts.
  • Quiet operation: High-grade, wear-resistant nylon cam ensures minimum noise level in comparison to loud noise experienced in machines with steel cams during operation.
  • Safety handle: Strong plastic handle for insulation.
  • Non-corrosive finish: Essential as it helps resist corrosion in damp and humid conditions.
  • Sealed Motor: Ideal as it provides the motor with a total dust-proof enclosure.
  • Automatic thread cutter: Protected cutting blades sever the thread after the bag is closed.
  • Timing Belt: 15mm toothed belt helps the machine operate without much effort under tense workload.
  • Adaptable: Stationary or suspended use can be attained from this machine without loss of useful portable features.
  • Suitable for outdoor use: Bag-closing machines also available with a 12V DC motor for operating on standard motor vehicle battery.
  • Presser foot lifter and thread cone cover: Standard in all bag-closing models.
  • Optional accessories: Conveyor stands, shoulder belts, spring balancers with hangers are available at extra cost.

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