Rock wool Pipe:

Rock wool pipe is produced from non-combustible mineral fibers. It is strong and rigid and suitable  for application on process and piping works operating of maximum temperature +700°C. Each section of Rock Wool Pipe can be split at one side and hinged at the other side far easy installation.

  • Rock Wool Pipe Section Advantages:Low dustNon combustible

    Chemically inert

    Cost effective

    Low water vapor absorption

    Excellent thermal performance

    Rock Wool Pipe Section Application:

    Rock wool pipe is designed for both hot and cold piping to conserve energy, maintain process temperatures,

    provide personnel protection, prevent condensation, and to reduce noise emission of the pipelines.

    Glass Wool Pipe:

    Glass Wool Pipe Insulation is preformed insulation composed of fine, stable and uniformly textured inorganic glass fibers bonded together by a non-water soluble and fire retardant thermosetting and heat resistant resin.


    1.Length: 1m

    2.Inner Diameter: 22~1220mm

    3.Wall Thickness: 25-100mm

    4.Density: 40-96kg/m3

    Technical Parameters:

    Product Advantages: 

    1. Excellent thermal, acoustical properties

    2. Light weight and easy to fabricate on job site

    3. Non-combustible and fire-retardant

    4. Very economical, especially when using thick layers of insulation

    5. Durable, life-time and termite proof


    Carton and Plastic bag packaging.



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