Rock Wool Board Insulation



Rock Wool Board Insulation :

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    Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials Place of Origin: Jinagsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: CMAX ROCK


    keyword: rock wool board brand: huamei density: 60-180 kg/m3
    color: yellow thickness: 0.6m-1.2m length: 1.2m
    place of origin: Jinagsu China (Mainland)


    certificate: CE Applicable Temperature: 260-600
    Thermal conductivity: 0.044w/mk

The Usage of Rock Wool

  • glass wool was used for building materials, and steel structure insulation
  • soundproof and fireproof  used for wall and roof  of the house
  • Heat preservation for steel structure building
  • Heat Insulation for wall and roof of the house to save energy
  • For indoor partition wall, Train compartment.



Industrial uses: nuclear power plants, power plants, chemical plants, large-scale furnace insulation


Construction purposes: building exterior insulation, roof, and wall insulation, isolation belt
Ship Usage: cabin, sanitary unit onboard, crew lounge, power positions





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